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Whether your preference is the park, powder, or both, these are the best snowboards this year in several different ways. Some new snowboarding trends will be responsible for making a huge impact across the popular winter sport. From breathtaking jumps to environmental responsibility, board creators will make this a year to remember across the industry. Built with both beauty and functionality, you can’t go wrong with any of the following boards this winter.

Ride Helix

The Helix is an incredible board for riders. It is centered, trick-friendly, and has heel-side and toe-side edges to make turning as easy as ever. It’s fast, fun, and works just as well on the mountain as it does in the park. Click here for more information.

Burton Flight Attendant

The Flight Attendant was created for just about any type of snowboarding adventure. It coasts easily through the deepest and toughest snow. If you’re looking for some major air, then this is the perfect board. It is meant to be ridden with the nose as its focal point, so it is ideal to launch wherever you are ready to leap. This board is available for $500.

GNU Eco Choice

Is there anything better than doing what you love, while knowing you are making a positive impact in the world? Imagine shredding on your new snowboard that is also eco-friendly. Thanks to GNU, this is now a reality, as they have just introduced the Eco Choice snowboard. Team rider, Nicolas Muller is the one responsible for this new model. The board features water-based inks, recycled plastic sidewalls, and a wooden core. The environmental alterations have failed to make this any less of a quality board, though. This board still possesses control and flex. This is a snowboard that you can truly feel great about.

Lib Tech Jamie Lynn Fundamnmental

This design gives you a laid-back feel that is easy to control. Every turn will be handled with ease as you glide down the mountain. This year’s coolest named board can be purchased for $560

K2 Eighty Seven

Not all trends have to be brand new. This is something that K2 hopes to cash in on very soon. This new model brings back a retro feel, while keeping up with modern technology. Another unique aspect of the eighty seven is its shape. This model is wider and shorter than most snowboards on the market. The shape gives it better float and stability, which is a huge plus for snowboarders of all skill levels. Don’t let its shape fooled or intimidate you, this board is perfect for the mountains.

Arbor Shreddy Krueger

The shape of the Shreddy Krueger is old school in design, much like the eighty seven, but the deck is a seasoned reverse camber. The board can maintain float in snow, but when it comes to shredding the mountain, it will live up to its name. Read more about Arbor here.

With these products now on the market, this upcoming winter will likely be unforgettable. From environmental responsibility to retro looks, snowboard creators have certainly set the bar high across the country.