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  • U.S. Ski And Snowboard Team Nominations Include Notable Omission

    U.S. Ski And Snowboard Team Nominations Include Notable Omission

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The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics are officially 100 days away, so it’s about time for everyone involved to really zero in on their preparation. While people following the Games often speculate about the athletes themselves, there are plenty of individuals working behind the scenes, or in some cases, in front of the screen, that spend months perfecting their craft. This year, NBC is making a big change regarding their primetime on-air talent. Longtime Olympic host Bob Costas will be staying behind in the States to cover the Super Bowl, while former ESPN broadcaster Mike Tirico will be heading to South Korea to take over hosting duties for the official Olympic network.

Primetime Debut

February won’t be Tirico’s first time covering the Olympics, but it will be his first time serving as the primary anchor. He had some responsibility covering the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil, but his predecessor, Costas, handled the primetime window. Tirico expressed his desire to cover both the Super Bowl and the Olympics, but it was just too unrealistic. He explained that if he were to fly out of Minneapolis on Sunday night after the game, he would not reach the international broadcast center in South Korea until the middle of the day Tuesday. Tirico’s first primetime broadcast is scheduled for that following Thursday, which would leave little room for error or inclement weather.

How To Prepare For Live TV

Tirico has covered a wide range of sports throughout his distinguished career, but he is not familiar with a lot of the unique sports that are featured at the Winter Games. He has talked about his knowledge of some sports and how he won’t be asked to elaborate on the technical aspects of non-traditional sports like luge. On the other hand, he acknowledged the fact that he will be responsible for really knowing the prominent sports as the primetime anchor. Needless to say, Tirico is ready to get things going and introduce the world to the next international superstars.