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  • U.S. Ski And Snowboard Team Nominations Include Notable Omission

    U.S. Ski And Snowboard Team Nominations Include Notable Omission

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Reanalysis of every urine sample from the 2010 Olympics have showed at least one athlete tested positive for doping. The International Olympic Committee announced on Monday that it had completed the testing of all 1,195 samples from the past winter games held in Vancouver.

IOC Test Results

The IOC revealed that a total of three positive tests were recorded – all from the same athlete. The Olympian has yet to be identified, although that could come at a later time. There has been a lot of speculation surrounding Russian athletes. Experts believe foul play may have been a factor in Russia’s improved output in the 2014 Olympics, in its home territory of Sochi. Tests run on the 2010 Olympics samples were extensively performed on all Russian athletes. An IOC panel has been devoted specifically to investigating this matter.

This is not the first positive tests the IOC has had to deal with. In fact, this is a very common issue that has plagued the Olympic games as of late. A dozen athletes were found to be doping before the 2008 games in Beijing and the 2012 edition in London. Overall, the IOC has stripped more than 50 medals from athletes who have tested positive. The IOC has officially closed its re-testing of the 2010 Olympics athletes, ahead of its statute of limitations at the end of the calendar year.

Doping Procedures For 2016 Olympics

While drug testing policies for the Pyeongchang games have yet to be released, it’s easy to look back at the previous Olympics for doping procedures. The 2016 games in Rio de Janeiro featured nearly a month-long testing period. These samples could be taken at any time, including before or after athletic events. Olympians were able to declare medical usage of approved prescription drugs before the samples were submitted. Any athlete who tests positive can be stripped of any winnings or accolades the IOC deems worthy. The only issue in 2016 was Brazil’s lack of an analysis lab. Leading up to the Olympics, all samples were reportedly shipped to a lab in Switzerland for complete analysis.