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The life of a snowboarder can be a difficult one during the spring and summer months. Boarders may try out activities like skateboarding and roller blading, but there really is nothing like shredding down a mountain. Surfing may be the best training technique in warmer weather, but ocean waves routinely disappoint the ultimate thrill-seekers.

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Boarders may be counting down the days until snow falls again, waiting to get back on that mountain. Until one day, you are driving through the desert and you see someone riding a board down a huge sand dune. What is this new sport, you ask? Well, in fact, it’s not new at all. Sandboarding is currently sweeping the globe and could be the best summer activity for winter sport enthusiasts.

Nope, we don’t mean snowboarding! We mean sandboarding.

Sandboarding Background 

Sandboarding is an extreme sport and as the name suggests – you’ll be sliding down the sand, literally. The sport is gaining popularity in desert and coastal areas. Using a waxed board, participants are able to fly down these dunes. Sandboarding is very similar to all the other “boarding” sports like skateboarding and snowboarding, using practically all the same movements. And, there is good news for deprived snowboarders. On occasion, a snowboard will work on these dunes. At last, there can actually be snowboarding in the summer!

It’s unclear where this sport began, as many countries claim to be the first to try it, but it’s now trending all across the globe. Also, because of the location of these events (deep in the desert), this sport could have been created decades ago with little stir surrounding it. Regardless of the origins, sandboarding appears to be here to stay.

In places like Egypt, Australia, Germany, Peru, Chili and even Japan, there are plenty of competitions and professional sandboarding athletes. In just the next three months, the sandboarding calendar is packed. International sandboard day is followed by a sand master jam this coming July. Even companies like Red Bull and Burton are sponsoring these events. With financial support, who knows how big this sport can truly become.

Sandboarding Events

The best places to try this out would be anywhere you can find sand dunes really. If you test it out a little bit, and decide you might want to take it a step further, you can try to hang with the big dogs in Egypt or South America. Namibia has even added something extra on to sandboarding, as they now feature sand-skiing for other athletes.

In America, the sport really took flight in Oregon, where the first sandboard park was created. Alamosa, Colorado is home to some of the tallest dunes in the country, making it a popular destination for sandboarders. Thousands of Americans get introduced to this sport every year, and many are likely snowboarders looking for a thrill.

So, quit praying for snow and get yourself ready for the sandboard world cup. At the very least, sandboarding can help clench snowboarders’ thirst for adventure and adrenaline in the summer time.