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American snowboarder, Shaun White, suffered an injury to his forehead during his Olympic training in New Zealand. The 31-year-old reportedly hurt himself while practicing a routine for the halfpipe event he is set to compete in during the upcoming 2018 games in Pyeongchang. It is the second time White has suffered a physical setback recently – the first occurred just last month.

White’s Training Injuries

Back in early September, the two-time gold medalist crashed his snowboard while perfecting his halfpipe moves at the winter games overseas. At the time, White was forced to withdraw from the event. Doctors advised White to stay on the sidelines for several weeks following the damage. This means White had not been back on his board for very long before his misfortune earlier this week.

Following his most recent injury, White took to Instagram to update fans on his condition. He posted a picture of the sizable gash on his forehead with a thumbs up, informing fans that he would return to the slopes soon. White included a caption below the picture of him on the hospital bed. In the post, White promised to come back better than ever. He included the hashtag #NormalIsBoring in reference to his extreme approach to the sport of snowboarding.

White’s Future In Winter Sports

Once again, doctors have told White to take his time healing up as he gets ready for the Olympic qualifiers that begin this December. "The Flying Tomato" has been one of the most talked about athletes heading into the 2018 games. His disappointing fourth-place finish in the past games in Sochi has inspired him to improve his diet and training regimen in preparation for Pyeongchang. White told the media that he will be solely focused on the halfpipe event this time – he was slated to participate on the slopestyle team in 2014. Fans are left to hope that this latest setback only makes White a stronger rider, just as he promised.