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2017 was a big year for the sport of snowboarding, and 2018 promises to be even more memorable. U.S. snowboarders Shaun White and Jamie Anderson will head to Pyeongchang in hopes of winning gold medals at the upcoming Olympics. A quality snowboard can take a boarders’ skills to the next level. These are some of the best snowboards produced this year.

Capita Kazu Kokubo Pro

Japan has earned a reputation as an innovator in the snowboarding industry. The sleek purple and pink design gives this board the extra flare it deserves. The Kokubo Pro was not the only great board from Capita this year – the Scott Stevens Pro deserves an honorable mention on this list.

DC Comics X Burton Chopper

DC Comics and Burton are a match made in heaven in 2017. This board provides one of the smoothest rides on the mountains today. Whether you want Batman or Superman featured, this board will fit your personal needs. Additionally, the X Burton Chopper is one of the most affordable boards on the market at just $249.

GNU Eco Choice

Seriously, what’s not to love about the brand-new GNU Eco Choice? The environmental-friendly aspect is the obvious calling card of GNU’s marketing plan. But going green has not sacrificed any of the board’s quality. The cost of one of these boards may be high, but it is well worth it.

Slash Spectrum

Unlike many other boards on the market, the Slash Spectrum has a target market. This is the ideal board for riders specializing in freestyle. One of the most flexible boards of 2017 will help boarders slash through the snow with ease.

Ride Berzerker

Simply put, the Ride Berzerker is perfect for every type of snowboarder. The directional shape of this board makes it ideal for either downhill speed or casual laps. The lightweight build is surprisingly strong and powerful. A blue and black color scheme will surely stick out on the mountain as well.